Gravity Whispers 

Its been little over a year since I met Kai playing with stones in Fayetteville, AR on a May afternoon. Since that time we have taught others how to create the magic of balance. We are students and teachers of each other and its been my delight to share the experience with Kai, be witness to the inspiration he has given others in moment with stones. And I for one, consider him a valuable teacher. 

After spending a small deal of time with North you will find your self humbled. He comes to you at your level of belief, a very personable and caring individual. Perhaps it is his breadth of experience in other countries as he traveled the globe balancing stones along the way. A sense of relaxed attention, secure in who he is. Like a stone he is unwavering, A man who brings people together for the shear enjoyment of balancing stones with good company & conversation. Above all when you see the impossible and your mind says "I can't" he looks at you with a glimmer knowing you can. Its this constant nudging and relentless pursuit to move you forward that allows you to believe.

He represent an international group of artist using stones as their expression. The work is temporal and surreal in nature. Gravity as his canvas and stone his brushes he whispers a subtle message.